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lookout cover
Cape Lookout Coverhatteras cover
Cape Hatteras Cover

North Carolina Lighthouses: A Guidebook for All Existing NC Lighthouses

(Available with a choice of a Cape Hatteras Lighthouse cover or a Cape Lookout Lighthouse cover)

Going beyond bricks and mortar, this 25-page booklet is chock full of beautiful photographs of all existing NC lighthouses plus write-ups on each one. You can find out how tall each lighthouse is, how many bricks were used to complete them, but you’ll also find stories about the men who built them as well as the families who staffed them during the days of the old U.S. Lighthouse Service.

There is a two-page summary of the “Lost Lights of NC,” which gives details about every light built on the NC coast and inland waters. By Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and Bruce Roberts.

$5.95 Shipping $2

Lookout Cover

Hatteras Cover

moving hatteras


Moving Hatteras: Relocating the Cape Hatteras Light Station

In what some said was impossible, the move of the world’s tallest brick lighthouse was completed smoothly thanks to the movers’ expertise. Engineers knew to the hour when the mortar of its new foundation would dry and the lighthouse could be lowered to its new home. As Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd spun off the African coast, movers watched the storms as they tracked across the Atlantic and found themselves in a race for time. This brief publication was created by Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and illustrated by her husband, Bruce Roberts, as an interpretive guide during the move at the request of the National Park Service. The first edition was written in future tense and has been updated several times post-move, complete with aerials of the ongoing relocation project. An original painting at its centerspread illustrates the move track with the lighthouse “ready to roll.” It was a peak into the future and proved accurate in every detail.
By Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and Bruce Roberts.

$5.95 Shipping $2

Bodie Island Lighthouse - Its History & Restoration
Released June 2010

A 34-page full color publication that is interesting, enlightening, and enjoyable to look at.

Bruce and Cheryl have been involved with Bodie Island Light Station since 1994, and it is their favorite place in America. Over the years the authors have amassed photography, keepers' family interviews, and miles of archival documents to create this complete coverage of the three lighthouses that have guarded this area of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. This light station encompasses the entire history of the U.S. Lighthouse Service and continues to represent one of the nation's finest places for families and photographers alike to visit.
By Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and Bruce Roberts.

Recently The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. presented Cheryl Shelton-Roberts the
prestigious Willie Parker Peace History Book Award for Bodie Island Lighthouse: Its History &
Restoration and for the valuable contributions she has made toward the collection, preservation
and perpetuation of North Carolina history. The committee wrote, “The last section of the
book deals with the restoration of the lighthouse, including the irreplaceable Fresnel lens. The
details of the restoration process were absolutely detailed and tedious but a
very worthwhile effort. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry. It has appeal for historians,
researchers, anybody interested in lighthouses in general, architects...the list goes on. It is a
beautiful book that contains some truly valuable information about a structure that is a North
Carolina treasure. Extremely well done!”

$7.95 Shipping $2

lookout timeline

Illustrated Timeline of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse (Booklet)
Released August 2009

Construction of tall coastal lighthouses in North Carolina started at Cape Lookout over 150 years ago. The striking diagonal checkers, or diamonds, apllied in 1873, watch over Lookout Shoals, one of three capes on the state's perilous coastline called the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Cape Lookout Light Station's history affords a glimpse at one of the most significant coastal areas in North America.
By Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and Bruce Roberts.

$5.95 Shipping $2

ghost book

Lighthouse Ghosts & Carolina Legends (Booklet)

In these pages, you will meet some of the enduring spirits who have survived death itself and continued to live on in lighthouses, forts, and keepers’ dwellings up and down the Carolina coast: long-retired-but-not-gone-keepers, a centuries-old Indian brave, a very lovely but very sad young woman, a little girl with a sharp eye for approaching storms, a young man determined to urge people to safety, a Civil War general, and a legendary seabird to name just a few.
By Norma Elizabeth and Bruce Roberts.

$5.95 Shipping $2

hatteras anniversary

Cape Hatteras National Seashore: 50th Anniversary Edition (Booklet)

Bruce Roberts has been photographing Cape Hatteras National Seashore for 50 years; thus, he had a wide range of images to choose from to illustrate this informative and delightful booklet. Cheryl Shelton-Roberts has been visiting and lived near the seashore all her life. The sum total of this publication is a work of art with precise information that passed several National Park Service reviews and that is written with a passionate appreciation for one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s a quick introduction to what was and what is the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
By Cheryl Shelton-Roberts and Bruce Roberts.

$5.95 Shipping $2

hatteras-america's lighthouse

Cape Hatteras: America's Lighthouse (Hardcover)

Today, this lighthouse has become the most recognized, most photographed, most painted, most read about, and most admired lighthouse in North America. One of the most daunting engineering tasks imaginable was undertaken to save it in 1999 by moving the tower 2,900 feet inland from its original site and away from the sea’s edge. This book commemorates the event and recalls the storied legacy and long history of America’s most famous lighthouse by telling the story with texture and depth about the people who have served here. ; Hard cover with dust jacket; 124 pages.
By Thomas Yocum, Bruce Roberts, and Cheryl Shelton-Roberts

$26.95 Shipping $4

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