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Price's CreekPrices' Creek
Price's Creek, NC

Latitude: 33.9346
Longitude: -77.9893

Located on the west side of the Cape Fear River, just north of Southport in southern North Carolina, Prices Creek once consisted of a front and rear range light for a safe channel in the hazardous river as vessels headed for the port of Wilmington.

Of the two structures that were built in 1849 all that remains today is the 20' tall brick conical tower of the front light, without its birdcage styled lantern room or lens. The keeper's quarters that once stood behind it with a light that was at a higher elevation served as the second light in the pair of range lights.

Both lights were deactivated in 1861.

Price’s Creek Front Range Light (1850 ruins) is not open for public visitation, but from the Southport-Ft. Fisher ferry you are afforded a good view of this pre-Civil War tower, the only range light in NC still in its original location.

Located on commercially owned property by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), the existing tower is not open for public visitation. However, you can get a good look at this pre-Civil War tower, the only river light still in it's original location, from the Southport-Fort Fisher ferry. Ferry information: 1.800.368.8969 or 910.457.6942

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