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During the month of March 2005, volunteers from OBLHS became "lampists in training" working under the watchful eye and guidance of Jim Woodward, Kurt Fosburg and Jim Dunlap of Lighthouse Consulltants, LLC.The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, NC, retained the services of these master lampists to restore the 1854 Henry Lepaute First Order Fresnel Lens that once rested atop the 1803 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The lens is the subject of the book written by Kevin Duffus, The Lost Light. Kevin's research is responsible for recovering the lens.

The OBLHS made a financial contribution to the project and sent volunteers to help with the restoration March 7 - April 1.

They began in a NPS warehouse in Manteo stabilizing and packing the many parts of the Cape Hatteras 1854 First Order Fresnel lens by Henry-Lepaute, and traveled to Hatteras Village to continue the project at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. OBLHS members scrubbed and cleaned metal rings, sanded metal and restored and polished prisms.

Participating at different times over a four week period were Bett Padgett, Judy Castleberry, Betty Parrish, Lauren Liebrecht, Paula Liebrecht, Charlie & Shirley Votaw, Shirin Pagels, and Lana Beth Deese. Quite a few pairs of rubber gloves & work gloves were put to heavy use, and many a pair of jeans were dedicated to the job with permanent souvenirs. Make plans to see this magnificent lens at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras Village!

Many, many prisms are missing. If you know where some may be located, the museum will add the names of anyone returning some of this historical glass to a permanent Donor Plaque to be displayed near the lens.

Photo courtesy of Betty Parrish

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